Endorsed Programmes

SMEAEP-endorsed Programmes

SMEAEP launched on 4 March 2014, Providers are currently undertaking the endorsement processes, and will be listed on this page as they are approved.

The list is in alphabetical order based on the region or city name –

There are currently 44 SMEAEP-endorsed programmes.


Svastha Yoga New Zealand

Stress Management & Resilience Informed by modern science and research findings, while remaining rooted in traditional yoga, the therapeutic nature of this program makes it suitable for any level of experience including absolute beginners. Slow mindful movement, simple breathing exercises and guided relaxation practices will help reduce the negative effects of stress and build resilience to stress Participants will receive guidance, encouragement, and support in integrating these practices into their lives to find and maintain steady ground.

Contact Details

Contact Barbara Coley
Phone: 021 170 2640
Email: barbara@svastha.co.nz
Website: https:svasthayoga.co.nz

Gagandeep Singh - Personal Trainer

Our programme is targeted at helping with managing your stress and provide other benefits of exercise to you as well. Gagan Rayat at Inhale Fitness is dedicated to providing clients with professional training combined with motivation and support in an environment that will turn your fitness goals into reality. Whatever your fitness level, whatever your age, if you need motivation to reach your fitness goals, it's all about Inhale Fitness.

I have worked in IT sector for almost 10 years and I understand what consequences it could bring to the body after working in corporate sector day in and day out. With my corporate training solutions I aim to advise, educate and inspire your employees to make changes to the way they live. Corporate training enhances the lives of the individual, fosters teamwork and togetherness, and nurtures a workplace environment that is more energized, positive and productive. Without a genuine understanding of the current health and fitness levels of the client, their goals and aspirations and the areas they've struggled with in the past, it is impossible to cater a plan which will deliver genuine, sustainable results.

My Health and Wellness Coaching packages deliver comprehensive advice, training and guidance as you travel the path to a fitter and stronger, healthier and happier you.

I will educate you and implement specific programs in order to achieve outstanding results. They will focus on areas such as: Goal setting Chemical imbalances Sleep Stress management Nutrition Exercise Postural assessment These areas will be benchmarked at the initial consultation and then again periodically to ensure the amazing results.

Contact Details

Contact Gagandeep Singh
Phone: 0212389771
Email: gagan@tomfit.co.nz

Fitco Personal Training

Fitco Corporate Challenge - a 6wk small group, office based, corporate wellness challenge. 3 weigh in/measurement visits & 3 small group, board room exercise sessions over the course of 6 weeks. Work together in pairs through the exercises. Music will be playing to keep you motivated & engaged in the workout. Work with someone you know from your department or someone you don't! The goal is to work on your fitness and manage stress as a team.

Contact Details

Contact Hayley Rapson
Phone: 0211419500
Email: hayleyrapson@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/hayleyPTGroupFitInstructor/

Imagine Fitness Ltd

Working with professional men and women to improve their health, fitness and quality of life through exercise a sensible diet and education

Contact Details

Contact James Davies
Phone: 09 392 4345
Email: james@imaginefitness.co.nz
Website: http://www.imaginefitness.co.nz


Delivering practical posture, function and strength programming to enhance everyday movement, stability and endurance.

Contact Details

Contact Paul Nicol
Phone: 0211688219
Email: paul@pfs-training.co.nz
Website: http://www.pfs-training.co.nz

Fit 4 Life - Advanced Health Coaching

- Health and Movement Coaching - programmes designed with varying duration specifically for the individual client - Better Health Programme - holistic programming from 12 to 52 weeks looking at all aspect of health to find optimal health for the client. - Adrenal Stress Profile Testing: this test gives a profile of your cortisol levels over the day. This gives a very accurate picture of inner health specifically the adrenal gland function. If you are tired and fatigued all the time then it is recommended you get tested. As there are many knock on effects on other systems in the body which can affect your health. - Food Sensitivity Testing: this is an IgG standard test and shows 93 different food types. Problem foods can then be eliminated from the diet to assist with improved inner health and help you reach your goals sooner. - Corporate Health Programmes specifically designed around the needs of the business allowing them to take advantage of the tax free benefits and ability to comply with health and safety law which requires stress to be managed in the workplace.

Contact Details

Contact Richard Ellis
Phone: 021 777 417
Email: rich@f4l.co.nz
Website: http://www.f4l.co.nz

Busy Body Personal Training

I am your local Exercise Efficiency Expert, and I specialise in helping very busy professionals. If that’s you, perhaps you can identify with the following challenges: - Not enough energy to have fun with the family after a day at work - No time to look after yourself while juggling a million other things - Sick or unproductive staff costing your business money. I could tell you exactly how I can solve these challenges with our award-winning '12 minutes of effort per week' program (the 'Innovation of the Year' at the 2017 Exercise NZ Industry Awards). Or maybe I could tell you how amazing you’ll feel and how great you’ll look. But I won’t! I’d much rather show you! CALL me NOW on 021 BUSY GUY to qualify for a gift session at the Busy Body private results studio, so you can find out how fantastic it feels to have a fully qualified and REPs registered professional look after all your health, fitness, nutrition and stress management needs.

Contact Details

Contact Ross Bymolt
Phone: 0212879489
Email: ross@busybody.co.nz
Website: http://www.busybody.co.nz

Fearless Fitness

At Fearless we can deliver a stress management program unlike any other! Combining fitness with self defence techniques based on Israeli Krav Maga, you can expect your experience with us to be varied, challenging, informative and fun. // Push beyond your normal limits // Handle stress better at work and at home // Challenge your perceptions of fitness // Grow physically and mentally stronger // Improve energy levels and coordination

Contact Details

Contact Sare Carpenter
Phone: 021987399
Email: sare@fearlessfitness.co.nz
Website: http://www.fearlessfitness.co.nz


Jean Scott - Personal Trainer

Initial onsite consultation for employees of Business, Personalized one on one coaching and exercise perscription. Private studio training sessions. (One on One)

Contact Details

Contact Jean Scott
Phone: 0274849383
Email: jean@jeanscott.training

Adapted Yoga and Pilates Ltd

Workplace Wellbeing programmes designed around Yoga and Pilates principles

Contact Details

Contact Jeremy Harford
Phone: 03 972 5639
Email: jeremy@adaptedyogaandpilates.com
Website: http://www.adaptedyogaandpilates.com

Yoga by Karma

Workplace Well-being Stress Management Programme at Yoga by Karma Studio.

Contact Details

Contact Karma Rae
Phone: 0221352762
Email: yoga@yogabykarma.co.nz
Website: https://yogabykarma.co.nz/

Central North Island

Puanga 360 Limited

Corporate and Individual Health and Wellness restoration experience, offering nutritional consciousness, life shifting, energy boosting, mindfulness and a holistic transformation program. With 35+ years in the manufacturing industry in NZ and Australia, we've taken our experience in high stress environments to implement a condensed, unique, individual signature wellness routine to influence optimal living practices.

Contact Details

Contact Carlos Kumeroa
Phone: 0210667907
Email: rangafit@puanga360.com


Kia Ora my name is Danielle Paki and I am Director/Personal Trainer of BootiFix in Hawkes Bay. I specialise in 1:1 personal training focusing on strength and stability and core and pelvic floor. Programmes are individually created for you and your needs and are all about motivating you in a fun and supportive environment either at my home studio or our new premises in Ahuriri at our Bootished or the great outdoors of the Bay and its many playgrounds. I also offer a variety of Group Trainings for Bootigals and BootiBros. Time out for the ladies and also another group class for the men that focuses on fun, strength, boxing and cardio. My goal is to empower you to reconnect with your body to maximise your life improving your health and happiness experiencing Fitness as the Playtime it is. I look forward to working with you and creating new habits. #wakeupandlive

Contact Details

Contact Danielle Paki
Phone: 021407569
Email: danielle@bootifix.co.nz
Website: http://www.bootifix.co.nz

Getitsorted Health and Fitness

Our Stress Management Exercise Association Endorsed Programme (SMEAEP) is tailored to each individual’s need to help lower stress, install and re-enforce positive habits while having fun with movement and exercise.

As part of the programme, 12 weekly reports on progress will be provided to the you (the employer), along with body composition assessments using our 98% accurate InBody “Bioscan” body composition technology (with your staff’s individual permission).

Lowering stress and having healthier staff has been shown to provide excellent results in the workplace with well-known benefits. These may include but are not limited to: Less sick days, better productivity and creativity, better relationships, enriched home life, being fitter, stronger and healthier and last but not least, increased staff morale/team work.

I am Greg Mawson, REP’s registered Personal Trainer and manging Director of Getitsorted Health and Fitness. I formed Getitsorted Health and Fitness to be a leader in one on one and group training in the gym environment for Hawke’s Bay. I am blessed to in a team with two other REP’s registered Personal Trainers, Sinnead Evans and Grayson Delamere, each with their own strengths but share one common goal: To help as many clients we can move better, perform better and live better lives.

I personally specialise in corrective exercise, movement, functional ageing training, body transformations and stress management. I am a drug free athlete and competed in International sport for over 10 years. I have a unique skill-set being a qualified chef, certified massage therapist and previously worked in IT for over 16 years. This means I know first-hand the impact of stress in a corporate environment and how lowering it can dramatically increase performance mentally and physically.

We at Getitsorted Health and Fitness are dedicated to providing goal driven progress for all our clients, but at their pace. We offer motivation and support in an outstandingly positive environment at Snap Fitness Napier and Snap Fitness Hastings, which are two of only a few REP’s registered facilities in Hawke’s Bay, so you know you and your staff are in safe hands. Programmes and packages will naturally be tailored to each individual’s needs and abilities and catered for any age.

Please contact us for a no obligation catch up/session where we can show you how we can help you and your team.

Contact Details

Contact Greg Mawson
Phone: 0225678104
Email: greg@getititsorted.co.nz
Website: http://www.getitsorted.co.nz

Neil Wagstaff

You and your team are all unique! Your health and wellness should be personalised to reflect this. Our programs analyse physical body and lifestyle factors to deliver customised health and wellness advice available 24/7. Our team have the tools, knowledge and skills to help you achieve any goal. Your sessions will be tailored to meet you at your starting point and progress your forward at a pace that suits you. Your sessions will motivate, inspire and educate you in health and wellness allowing you to focus on your goals. "Supporting, Growing and Developing a Healthy Community"

Contact Details

Contact Neil Wagstaff
Phone: 0276722984
Email: neil@peakfitnessandhealth.co.nz
Website: http://www.peakfitnessandhealth.co.nz

Soul-full Living

Based in a private studio setting, working to meet your stress management, health and wellbeing needs. Corporate wellness programmes. Health and Wellness Retreats. 10+ Year's experience. On site massage therapists, and counselling services.

Contact Details

Contact Roger Symes
Phone: 0275254845
Email: roger.sflnz@gmail.com
Website: http://soulfullliving.co.nz

Evolve Fitness Ltd

Evolve Fitness is a privately-owned health centre located in Feilding. We have male and female trainers who will work with you and your staff throughout the program. Every 8 weeks, everyone will receive an assessment and a prescribed health & fitness programme as their goals & needs change. Evolve also undertakes large and small Group Fitness classes each day throughout the week, providing support, encouragement and social interaction - if you want it. We also have a Physio, Osteopath and masseuse on site.

Contact Details

Contact Evolve Fitness
Phone: 06 3233009
Email: info@evolvefitness.co.nz
Website: http://www.evolvefitness.co.nz

Fitness Plus Clive

Mature experienced PT, 25 years in the industry.Personal Training Business Certificate level 4, Adult Education Cerificate L4. Providing individual guidance for a life-fit-health balance. Expertise includes running, cycling and bodybuilding. Works with all ages from those requiring sports training to seniors wanting an active lifestyle into retirement (fit for purpose!). Assessor and Senior Assessor Mentor for Skills Active (NZQA Fitness qualifications) for 18 years and 6 years respectively).

Contact Details

Contact Sheryl Summers
Phone: 0210704074
Email: sherylsummers@xtra.co.nz


Total Fitness

Total Fitness is a total health and well-being fitness centre, staffed by experienced and knowledgeable professionals who want to help you achieve your goals.

We are a niche gym for busy professionals. Our integrated approach allows us to focus on you and make the most of your time and effort.

Work place seminars covering an Introduction to Total Health, Fitness and Stress Management.

-Personalised gym facilities

-Experienced Personal Trainers

-Group Personal Training

-On-site Nutritionist

-On-site Massage Therapist

-Committed, friendly team

Contact Details

Contact Blair Bowman
Phone: 033655410
Email: blair@totalfitness.co.nz
Website: http://www.totalfitness.co.nz

Balance Pilates Cashmere

Balance Pilates is a Private Pilates Studio in Cashmere, Christchurch. At Balance Pilates we love Reformer machines and offer Private One on One sessions, Semi Private sessions and small Group Reformer Classes for our clients, with qualified, experienced and friendly Pilates specialists. The Pilates Reformer is an amazing machine on many different levels, it helps increase strength and endurance, it helps increase your balance and flexibility, it challenges your coordination and uses both the left and the right sides of the brain, this is without mentioning any of the rehabilitation benefits and how incredible it makes you feel. The focus with Reformer Pilates is strengthening the core (your back and tummy), so you have a stable powerhouse. Then strengthening what is weak and lengthening and stretching what is tight. The goal is to balance your body so it is stronger, more flexible and working more efficiently. At Balance Pilates we have clients of all walks of life, all ages and shapes and sizes, athletes to mums, offering Pre and Post Natal classes, with a special focus on rehabilitation of injuries or just general health and wellbeing. Because at Balance Pilates we want everyone to have a balanced, strong body and mind.

Contact Details

Contact Bronwyn Beck
Phone: 0211395225
Email: bronwynskuse@gmail.com
Website: http://www.balance-pilates-cashmere.com

Cory Harris - Personal Trainer

At Peak we are committed to providing your company with effective corporate training and lifestyle solutions. We aim to educate, advise and motivate your employees to make positive changes to the way they live. Your organization will benefit from Peak's corporate wellness programs with the following. - Healthier and happier staff leading to better overall morale - Improved staff retention and reduced absenteeism - A more energetic, positive and productive workplace - Empower staff to better manage and combat stress

Contact Details

Contact Cory Harris
Phone: 021867777
Email: cory@peaktraining.co.nz
Website: http://www.peaktraining.co.nz

Jean Scott - Personal Trainer

Initial onsite consultation for employees of Business, Personalized one on one coaching and exercise perscription. Private studio training sessions. (One on One)

Contact Details

Contact Jean Scott
Phone: 0274849383
Email: jean@jeanscott.training

Adapted Yoga and Pilates Ltd

Workplace Wellbeing programmes designed around Yoga and Pilates principles

Contact Details

Contact Jeremy Harford
Phone: 03 972 5639
Email: jeremy@adaptedyogaandpilates.com
Website: http://www.adaptedyogaandpilates.com

You Can! Fitness Solutions

24 Week Reclaim Your Energy Programme. Want to be more productive, and have energy left over at the end of the day? I've worked in a corporate role for 15 years, I know what its like to have no energy, to be stressed, not sleep well. Its because I've personally experienced this that I have designed this programme specifically to address low energy levels and reduce the effects of stress on the body.

Contact Details

Contact Kirsten Russell
Phone: 0275733067
Email: kirsten@youcanfitness.co.nz
Website: http://www.youcanfitness.co.nz

Balance Pilates

Stretch, strength and tone, Pilates Mat and equipment classes

Contact Details

Contact Natalie Macrides Pantos
Phone: 0211444541
Email: nemetona29@gmail.com
Website: http://www.balance-pilates-Cashmere.com

Yuki Personal training

As the Les Mills floor manager, I enjoy working with motivated members and individuals who strive to achieve personal goals no matter how big or small. I believe that education, guidance and motivation are three key components to speed the results process. Winner of the 2011 New Zealand Fitness 'Outstanding Club Support' Award, my dedication to improving health and fitness goes the extra mile. My number one priority is the care and wellbeing of my clients and I look forward to the challenge of creating satisfying, fun and result driven personal programmes.

Contact Details

Contact Yuki Toriyama
Phone: 021835885
Email: yuki_toriyama@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.lesmills.co.nz/trainers-and-instructors/yuki-toriyama/


Lions Den Holdings T/a Transform

A health assessment and up to 3x Personal Training sessions Per week

Contact Details

Contact Dani / TRANSFORM
Phone: 0221836272
Email: danieddy16@gmail.com

JB Training

I offer a comprehensive assessment of your employees, so an individualised plan can be designed. Exercise can help your staff manage stress more effectively and greatly increase self-confidents, to ensure they are at their best when you need them most. I can deliver a maximum of 3 sessions per week with a written report for every session.

Contact Details

Contact Jason Blight
Phone: 021737106
Email: jason.blight@xtra.co.nz

The PT Collective

Assessment & Reporting, Short Course Programs, PT Based Training to better manage and control workplace stress.

Contact Details

Contact Lorree Wilson
Phone: 0212444334
Email: info@theptcollective.co.nz
Website: http://www.theptcollective.co.nz

Renee Riley - Personal Trainer

Bay Fitness - Personal Training Packages - Including a free 30 min Assessment Small Group Personal Training Packages - Including 30 min Free Assessment Please see my website or call me for more information

Contact Details

Contact Renee Riley
Phone: 0212364505
Email: renee@bayfitness.co.nz
Website: http://www.bayfitness.co.nz


Total Wellbeing

Contact Details

Contact Thomas Spring
Phone: 0212299098
Email: wellspringnz@yahoo.co.nz
Website: http://totalwellbeing.yoga


WHY Retreat

Jo has 40 years experience and a broad range of skills that she applies to help her clients create a healthy lifestyle. She combines traditional exercise modalities (cardio, resistance and body weight training) with Yoga and Meditation, nutrition advice, hiking and massage for a holistic approach to stress management. Jo works from her studio and retreat center overlooking the ocean, situated in the heart of the iconic bush walks at Whangarei Heads Penninsula. She offers one on one sessions as well as group yoga and mediation classes, and multi-day residential retreats. Book your next stress management holiday at WHY Retreat.

Contact Details

Contact Jo
Phone: 0221608950
Email: jo@whyretreat.com
Website: http://whyretreat.com

FitFix NZ Ltd

Our mission is to deliver our clientele with a health and fitness programme that promotes a more functional body, a more positive mind, and a true sense of achievement. Our commitment is in motivating and educating individuals to reach their optimal fitness potential and inspire them to make this a lifelong commitment. We pay particular focus to our client’s lifestyles and help them to prioritise all aspects of their Our focus in on getting them back on track to a healthy and energy-fulfilled life by equipping them with 1. We provide personalised attention and assistance in individualising your fitness programme to suit your own personal goals. 2. We offer a variety of fun and innovative fitness programming whereby our main focus is on functional and integrated training: moving our bodies the way in which they were designed to move, and using the foundational and functional movements of everyday life. 3. Your goals are our main priority. These may include (but won’t necessarily be limited to): increases in strength and stability, improved aerobic capacity, enhanced energy, weight management/loss, improved flexibility, event-specific training (i.e. half marathon), reduction in stress, improved life balance, and equipping you with a FANTASTIC quality of life!

Contact Details

Contact Shane Austin
Phone: 0274750208
Email: insideoil@gmail.com
Website: http://www.fitfixnz.co.nz


Flex Fitness Green Island

We offer Personal Training based programmes, Team Tribe small group training sessions and structured Individual structured programmes tailored to meet individual needs.

Contact Details

Contact Jaimee McDonald
Phone: 64274378101
Email: jaimeemac@xtra.co.nz
Website: http://flexfitnessgym.co.nz

Maya's PT and Yoga

I am offering one on one PT sessions and small group sessions. I can take yoga classes, or take clients to a one on one session with the focus on breath, alignment and stress reduction tools

Contact Details

Contact Marja Captijn
Phone: 0277392014
Email: m.captijn@outlook.com


Maya's PT and Yoga

I am offering one on one PT sessions and small group sessions. I can take yoga classes, or take clients to a one on one session with the focus on breath, alignment and stress reduction tools

Contact Details

Contact Marja Captijn
Phone: 0277392014
Email: m.captijn@outlook.com


Yoga for Every Body

Workplace Wellbeing programmes for groups and individuals designed around the principles of hatha yoga. Focus is on breath awareness, posture, strength and flexibility. Nourish the body, mind and soul.

Contact Details

Contact Michelle Triggs
Phone: 021 044 1042
Email: missiona@outlook.com


Evolution Fitness Whitianga

Evolution Fitness believes that Mind, Body & Spirit are strongly connected. There is a clear correlation between physical and mental health, we specialise in tailoring programs to combat everyday life stresses as well as specific fitness goals you may have in mind. We also run corporate 12 week challenges to build better team bonding within your workplace. We have a fully equipped fitness facility & dedicated group fitness classroom, friendly personal trainers who are readily available to help.

Contact Details

Contact Billie Hunter
Phone: 07 866 4301
Email: evolutionfit247@gmail.com
Website: http://www.evolutionfitness.co.nz

3D Physique

12 Week Mind & Body Transformation At the end of the 12 week program the participant will: • Have a better understanding and knowledge of healthy eating for life • Have the knowledge to use exercise as a means of stress management • Have improved health markers • Feel better about themselves • Have the tools to continue with their new lifestyle past the end of the program • Understand the importance of the “4 pillars of performance” and have strategies to maximise them in their life– for weight loss, improved health or improvements in other areas of their life (such as stress management).

Contact Details

Contact Leanne Gifford
Phone: 0272086300
Email: 3dphysiquefitness@gmail.com


Inform Fitness

After 20-years in the corporate world, Alana can truly understand the health and life challenges that some of your staff may be experiencing. She is passionate about creating positive changes through the profiling of individuals' and their health type. These profiles are epi-genetic based and allows Alana to tailor holistic programmes that cover: nutrition, movement, lifestyle, social aspects that leverage of one's genetic strengths. Alana also offers group workshops that can include: team building, motivation, managing stress through cognitive behaviour therapy and movement. Contact her now for a complimentary consultation! Let her understand exactly what you need and learn how she operates to guarantee success.

Contact Details

Contact Alana Joe (AJ)
Phone: 021 241 7443
Email: alana_online@outlook.com
Website: http://www.informfitness.co.nz

Caroline McDonald Personal Training

I will enable you to moblize internal strengths and external resources creating positive and sustainable changes that will empower you to improve your overall health and fitness. Exercise in a safe, private environment. Waikanae, Kapiti Coast. Wellness Coaching, Weight Management, Resitance Training.

Contact Details

Contact Caroline McDonald
Phone: 027 687 0455
Email: carolinemcdonaldpt@gmail.com
Website: http://carolinemcdonaldpt.com

Boot Camps Wellington

Corporate Fitness Boot Camps Wellington City Invest in your staff for improved workplace productivity and efficiency. Reduce sick leave and improve employee moral. Show your staff that you care. In addition to engaging, safe and effective exercise sessions, we can help your employees thrive. Taking a holistic approach, we deliver personalised health solutions and deliver health seminars. MSc (Sport & Exercise) - 10 Years Industry Experience Wellingtons Only Registered Exercise Specialist! Discuss how we can help your workplace thrive today!

Contact Details

Contact James Stewart
Phone: 0800 267 334
Email: james@bootcampswellington.co.nz
Website: https://bootcampswellington.co.nz/

Liz Birkett Yoga and Pilates

Liz Birkett offers individually designed personal training programmes integrating Pilates and yoga exercises and principles, to develop stability and mobility in your body. Liz's mat based teaching explores belly breathing techniques to relax, self soothe and recruit deep core muscles. Liz works with pre/post natal clients to support optimal pelvic floor strength, injury prevention and posture. Liz works with athletes, especially teenagers, to support standing balances, even muscle activation and injury prevention. Liz also specialises in supporting women to enhance mental and physical wellbeing through quality movement such as strengthening anti ageing muscles. Liz is experienced at supporting clients post hip surgery and cancer treatment. Joseph Pilates said, "You are only as young as your spine is flexible." Liz is inspired by her 75 year old mum who enjoys Pilates 3 times a week. Liz is 50 and a kind gentle ex primary school teacher. She teaches from a peaceful warm sunny Northland studio with easy parking.

Contact Details

Contact Liz Birkett
Phone: 027 503 0211
Email: lizbirkett.yoga.pilates@gmail.com

Rachel Marks - Personal Trainer

With over 15 years’ experience in the industry,I have the skills required to help you manage stress, lose weight or improve your general fitness and well-being. As a mobile trainer I can visit you at your home or office in the Hutt valley at a time that suits you. I offer personal training, stress management, nutritional support and coaching for behaviour change. 2 times finalist in NZ personal trainer of the year NLP Practitioner Adrenal fatigue practitioner (stress management) As seen on TV1 news, TV1 Close up and TV1 Good Morning show

Contact Details

Contact Rachel Marks
Phone: 021 02322193
Email: rachel@allactive.co.nz
Website: http://www.allactive.co.nz

mybod health and fitness

A healthier workforce makes for a wealthier business. Employers are increasingly encouraged to take responsibility to introduce preventative strategies to reduce risk. The payoffs for this are huge with increased productivity and workplace happiness and reduced sick days and staff turnover. Focusing on employee health and wellbeing also raises employee engagement, creativity and innovation. We can work together to devise a programme suited specifically to your workplace. Plans may include: * Holistic movement programmes; * Presentations on aspects of stress and energy management, behavioural change and functional wellness; * Epigenetic profiling and personalised health packages; * Adrenal dysfunction testing; and * Individualised action plans. Lets discuss how I can help your team be a happier, healthier unit that works more productively together.

Contact Details

Contact Raewyn Ng
Phone: +64212326692
Email: rae@mybod.co.nz
Website: http://www.mybod.co.nz

Conquer Health and Fitness

“I have been a Personal Trainer, Communities Health Advisor and have worked in Occupational Health. My university qualifications and professional working experiences have given me the tools to create a unique well-being program and a system to manage excessive stress’s in the body, eliminate risk factors for medical conditions/illness and to improve your (individual or work places) occupational and daily performances.”

"Exercise and well being require STRUCTURE and PROGRAMMING – so let me help you and your organisation conquer your occupational health goals and needs."

Among the 12 week requirements of SMEAEP My programs offer individualised services for self-employed, business’s and organisations:

•Pre-Screening Medical tests (cholesterol, glucose, uric acid, lung function, blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen flow)

•Body Movement, Fitness Assessments, Measurements and Health/Stress level Analysis (identify your levels and then improve them!).

•Occupational Personal or Group Training (P.T for your job, your lifestyle and your goals).

•Exercise Prescription for Occupation and Quality of life (using test data and test results to conquer YOUR health and fitness).

•Nutrition and Quality of Lifestyle analysis with professional advice and recommendations.

•Health and Well-being Seminar’s and Workshop for your workplace (fun, interactive and creates staff engagement)

I operate from a corporate gym, with private areas located in Wellington CBD. We focus on a small database of members from businesses and organisations. We have created a great community, culture and environment which will help ease your stress from the moment you walk in the door.

Contact Details

Contact Ravi Kumar
Phone: 0274183391
Email: conquermyhealth@gmail.com
Website: http://www.conquermyhealth.co.nz

Fitness Plus Health Centre Ltd

Today, stress is a by-product of a complicated world and a multi factorial society and it is well known to create health issues and disease in many forms. Health issues themselves can create stress, so the impact of not finding the right tools and strategies to mitigate them quickly can be cumulative; often escalating and causing issues that may take longer to ease.

Wendy at Fitness Plus Health Centre Ltd provides the skills, tools, and knowledge that her Clients need to reach optimal Health and Wellness … whatever that may be for them, and having strategies on how to quickly address stress indicators through specific education, and introduced lifestyle changes for those wanting or needing them is essential.

As a Functional Health Coach, an Advanced Health Coach, a certified Life Coach and a Holistic Movement Coach trained in exercise prescription (amongst others), Wendy is fully trained and qualified to assess and prescribe the changes necessary to address stress, and other health or fitness issues her Clients wishing to achieve improved Health and Wellness.

As individuals, to achieve their goals they each have their own specific needs so a Toolbox approach of Functional Health, Life and Lifestyle Management Coaching, Exercise Prescription, and Stress Management health hacks is adopted to provide them with what they need specifically, to achieve change for a healthier, happier, and less stressful lifestyle, and this is where the SMEAEP Programme comes in.

Responsible Employers wishing to support or assist their Employees when they’re indicating signs of stress or are engaged in stressful environments can be assured a SMEAEP provider is qualified to do just that for them. They can anticipate that when their Employees follow the Programme provided, they can be expected to become healthier (equating to less absenteeism), happier (resulting in improved relationships and workplace morale), fitter (creating an expectation of less workplace injuries), and more focused (resulting in greater productivity).

At Fitness Plus Health Centre Ltd, Wendy monitors each Client as they progress through their SMEAEP Programme and assesses, and records changes achieved over time. Shen provides valuable feedback to the Employer on a one to three monthly interval basis on successes to date.

Contact Details

Phone: 0272533504
Email: wendy@fitplushealth.co.nz