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An initial one-on-one session between the client and an appropriately REPs registered exercise professional must be conducted.

At this meeting appropriate pre-screening needs to be completed, covering off medical and injury issues and any other lifestyle factors that will influence the recommendations that are made.

These recommendations or prescription of exercise must be personalised to the client meeting their specific needs in terms of managing workplace stress through exercise and lifestyle practices.

The SMEAEP guidelines are such that you may prescribe structured exercise sessions no more than THREE times per week. The reason for this is that a higher frequency will bring the programme into the realm of a gym membership which is not allowed under the terms of the initiative. (See ‘top ups’ in point 5)

The prescription can include specific or generic exercise recommendations depending on the needs of the client and the resources they and you have available.

Two examples follow:

Jocelyn is a 60 year old female working in a very sedentary admin job. She is 30 kgs overweight with several related health issues and has never really exercised much in the past.

Her initial prescription is:

  • Walk twice a week
  • Attend 1 x aqua class per week
  • Take the stairs as often as possible at work

Steve is the CEO of a medium sized corporation in his mid 40s. He is extremely competitive and driven and runs most days. He admits to needing to slow down more.

His initial prescription is:

  • 2 weight training sessions per week
  • Attend 1 x yoga class a week
  • Run 3 days per week


  • There must be a one-on-one session with pre-screening
  • The prescription must be personalised
  • Structured exercise sessions must not be recommended more than three times per week

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