REPs registration

REPs registration of exercise professionals

Any exercise professional involved in either prescribing or delivering the programme to a client must be registered to the appropriate level at which they are working.
For example, the exercise professional who takes the initial consultation and prescribes them an exercise programme and makes recommendations around their activity and lifestyle practices must be registered at either a Personal Trainer or Exercise Consultant 2 level.
An exercise professional who is registered as a Group Exercise instructor not as a PT would not be able to perform this part of the programme as their registration does not cover the prescription of exercise only the instruction of classes.
If recommendations are made to attend a specific class or session then the ‘deliverer’ of these sessions or classes must be REPs registered. For example if a client is prescribed a pump class or an aqua class once a week the instructor of that class must be registered. If the recommendation is more generic i.e. “do a strength training session each week” then this is not the case.

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